Best MacOS Softwares You Should Immediately Install

Without software, your computer is just a fancy paperweight. You don’t need a lot of applications to get the most out of your Media Center, but you do certainly need the basics. The software mentioned in this section will really turn your Mac into a streamlined media monster. Other sections of this website will link to the software below when needed, but until you need them you can download them one at a time.

Best Apple OS Softwares to Install

  • Media Center Software

The few applications in this section are responsible for playing back, categorizing and in general making your media look like a sports car on display. There are three key players in the Media Center game, and they are all represented here, although our recommended option is Plex, all the way.

The Media Center software mentioned above will help you with playing back your organized media content, but what about when you want to watch a video you just downloaded? Or if you want to watch a Blu-Ray movie? The Video Players mentioned here are specialized for particular needs not covered by your Media Center software.

  • Ripping Software

“Ripping” is the act of extracting the contents of a DVD or Blu-Ray disc. The reason it is called ripping, and not copying, is because the information on retail movies has copy protection. The software that extracts the files does so by circumventing this copy protection, essentially ‘ripping’ it away so that the files may be copied without issue. This section covers the applications that will ‘rip’ your protected movie files from DVD and Blu-Ray media.

  • Video Encoding Software

Watching a large, high-quality movie file at home is no problem, but what if you want to take that file and watch it on your iPhone? Or burn it to a CD? Encoding your video files allows you to make multiple copies that will play on various devices or just reduce the overall file size of a movie for storage on your Media Center.

  • Audio

When it comes to playing your media back, the video players handle the audio perfectly. But when you want to specifically play audio on your computer, or access your audio in a different way, you will need a few other applications. This section focuses on playing back your Audio files in ways you might not have thought about!

  • Downloading

When it comes to downloading media files such as movies and TV shows, there are two tried and tested protocols (methods) of doing so; BitTorrent and Usenet. These two protocols are completely different in the way they work and the programs that you will need to use are also very different. Below are the best programs suited for the job for both BitTorrent and Usenet.

  • Utilities

All the applications up to this point have done *something* for you. But what happens when there is more to be done or something doesn’t work like it should? That is when these Utilities come into play. These additional applications make sure that your computer is always capable of doing what you want it to do with ease.

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